Dear Terry & Sandra:

This booklet was made up from a log kept by Dale Ritchie Rogers, for a time during his service on the USS BATTLESHIP WEST VIRGINIA.

The West Virginia, was bombed and sank on December 7th  in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Then raised and lowered to Bremerton, Washington and repaired there.

Dale enlisted in the Marine Corps, and after his boot training was assigned to the “WeVee”, as a Marine Guard, and served on her until his discharge after the war.

The story as told by his log was almost like being an eye witness to some of the battles they were in.

Your Grandmother and Grandfather, sedn this to you with love, to help us all remember what a grand “Guy” Dale was.

P.S. They were in a lot more battles after they were ordered not to keep logs like this.

  • mrr0ng

    I am really confused as to why “guy” is in quotation marks. Is there something about grandpa that we don't know. Some deep, dark, Hooveresque secret?