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This place is really dead

Feb. 4, 1945

My Darling:

We never done any bombarding but did and have been loading stores for 5 days.

And still no mail.

This place is really dead. I don’t know how long we stay here.

USS West Virginia Band Performs

I wish we would get out of here.

On this day in history, the Yalta conference starts, where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill discuss what is to be done about soon to be defeated Germany, and how to handle Japan.
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“The dirty dogs”

Feb. 7, 1945

My Darling Kay:

We are still sitting here in Lingayen Gulf, waiting for our mail I guess.

A report came over the radio on the 5th and said our troops were in Manila and that the Japs were burning the southern end of the city. “The dirty dogs.” I guess we will have to fix up Tokyo for them

I wish we could get out of here.   We still have Air Defense  every night and morning.

The Japanese practiced "scorched earth" tactics as they become more and more frustrated by their losses.

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I think we are going to Leyte

Feb. 10, 1945

My Kay:

Hurray! Our mail has just come alongside. I don’t know how many bags we got. We are going to leave this hole tonight thank goodness. I think we are going to Leyte. I’ll know tomorrow.

Hope I get a letter from you. It is only 52 days since I have really heard from you. That was when your last letter was post marked.

Gee I love you.

The post office aboard the USS West Virginia

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We received 78 bags of mail

Feb. 11, 1945

We are now on our way to Leyte and we also received 78 bags of mail. So far I have received five letters from you and five from Mom.

I sure am glad we left Lingayen Gulf. They say we will have some kind of  liberty in Leyte. If we do it will be the first time we have been off the ship since December 25th.

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We are now on our way to Iwo, I think

Feb. 17, 1945

Hello Kay:

Arrived at Leyte and received 25 bags of mall. We were here only 6 hours.

USS West Virginia Receiving Mail

The Mississippi and the Pensylvania, came in with us. We are now on our way to Iwo, I think. The only kind of escort is two Cans. I wonder whats up?There is some scuttlebut that our Captain volunteered to go on our next invasion. I think it is the one the Marines are on.

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