Dale and Katherine Rogers

Dale enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves, 19 Aug. 1944 (?). 

It seems that there is a bit of confusion regarding dates  Dale records that he joined the service in 1944, but this doesn’t synch with his marriage date, and doesn’t give enough time for him to go through training, and meet up with his ship before it left the repair docks in July of 1944.
  He was assigned to the Battleship U.S.S. West Virginia and reported to this ship after basic training. The West Virginia, was bombed and torpedoed by the Japs at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. She was raised and taken to the Navy base at Bremerton, Washington, to be repaired. Dale was sent to Bremerton, and was on duty there until the West Virginia, was repaired and departed on it for the war zone.

A log book in the form or letters to his wife Kay, was written by Dale, from, September 1944(1942) to February 1945. This is a copy of those letters.

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