Nov. 11, 1944
Sweet Kay:
We have arrived at the Admirality Isles, and come to find that the Japs were here two days ago and blew up the cargo ship that had all our ammunition on. I don’t know where we will get it now. We don’t have too much aboard now.

Hurray! I got 4 letters from you and 3 from mom.

Well, I guess we will leave here tomorrow. No use hanging around if there is no ammunition.

The USS Mount Hood Explodes in spectacular fashion a day before it should have transfered ammo to the Wee Vee.

The ship referred to here was the USS Mount Hood, which exploded for unexplained reasons on Nov 10th, 1944. The explosion was so violent that no remains of the crew were found, a neighboring ship lost most of her crew, and a huge trench was created in the sea floor.  Click here for more info.