(A-Day-minus three) Oct. 17, 1944


Weather is still the same. What a storm!

The crew was officially informed that we are to strike the first offensive blow against the Philippine Islands.

Our Marine Captain, held a critique on the tactical situation that prevailes on Leyte Island, The Island in the Philippines we are to strike.

Today the Army landed a Battalion minus one Company of Rangers on the other islands that stand as sentinals to the Gulf of Leyte .


Carrier based planes bombed Leyte Island.

Report on Rangers Operation encouraging; 1 ranger killed,  1 wounded. They captured 30 Japs and secured the island.

Mine sweepers, escorted by destroyers, swept the Gulf clear of mines. One mine sweeper lost, one destroyer damaged. Casualties light. Things are looking,upl

We had been running in a tropical storm for three days and it looked like the attack would be postponed but the weather cleared up today and the force was intact except for one A.P.D. that lost its rudder in the storm.

I guess this is it.

Action ahead!


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