My Darling:

Water is choppy, there is an overcast but no rain.

Typhoons can be Seen forming aft our beam, navigator is avoiding typhoons. We must not be in a hurry to get anywhere, avoiding a storm in a Battle Wagon.

Listened to Tokyo Rose’s scuttlebutt, reception poor due to rain. I wonder where Tokyo Rose gets her records she has the latest tunes by Glen Miller, Harry James etc.


Our scuttlebut now is we are going to Samar, Phillipines. I wonder???

The world “scuttlebutt” has been used a few times, and the word has an interesting source.  The scuttlebutt on a wooden sailing ship was the large cask where water was stored.  Men would often congregate around the ancient water cooler and trade gossip.  Therefore, “scuttlebutt” = “water cooler chat”.

Action Ahead!