Oct. 6, 1944
Kay Darling :

We arrived at Manus Island, the largest island in the Admiralty Island Group. At Manus, we received an Admiral on board and our ship was privileged with being the Flag Ship of the Force to Be.

During World War II the archipelago on Manus was occupied by the Japanese who established a small base in April 1942 near the village of Rossun on Manus Island. They also built the first landing strip entirely by manpower at the eastern Point of Los Negros Island in Momote.

On February 29, 1944 during World War II, the Admiralty Islands were invaded in Operation Brewer led by American General Douglas MacArthur. The Americans quickly built a big base at Seeadler Harbor, including harbour, wharves and an airbase, which became an important base for the further war operations in New Guinea as well as on the Philippines. The base is today used by the PNG Defence Force.

Here at Manus Island, we were destined to wait for 5 days before our newly organized task force was ready to start out on our assignment.

Loading Cargo at Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island

Action Aheadl!
I shall take up from our departure from Manus Island, in my diary because the events before that were all travel. To record or read of them would be boring and a waste of time.

Well Darling, I guess it will not be long now.
I love you, Dale

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  • Mikewren38

    My father was a member of the 20th Specialty Battalion, US Navy, Seabees, and was stationed on Nabus Island for over a yera during WWII. I would like to visit Manus, is any commercial air service available? If so, which airline would you use from the USA?

    Michael Wren
    Long Beach, MS 39560

    • Laura Irvine-Brown

      Hi Michael, I am a young Australian woman currently working at the Manus Island offshore processing centre (for processing of asylum seekers) which is on the PNG defence force base that was built during WWII. I came across the above diary entry as I am assisting to organise the ANZAC day memorial service here on April 25th. I saw your comment of two years ago – did you ever make it to Manus?

  • Steve Monroe

    My Father was a Chief Petty Officer at the submarine repair base on Manus Island In WWII. 
    Steve Monroe
    Mustang OK

  • Don Bradford

    My Dad was on Manus island maintenance camp boat pool #15