Darling :
Today is the day we crossed the Equator and I am sure glad Iwill never have to go through that ceremony again. I can tell you the truth I can hardly sit down and that is no lie.

All “Pollywogs” were duly initiated into the ancient and sacred order of  “Shellbacks”.

The pitiful pollywogs had to suffer such things as having their hair cut by truly Unprofessional barbers; being forced through the belt line for about 70 yards; last but not least, forced to drink some liquid from a baby bottle that tasted somewhat like arsenic and limberger cheese.

The only consolation was that the officers and men alike, who were not Shellbacks, had to suffer the same treatment. It did my heart good to see officers with their hair chopped, walking along like a man who had just been kicked by a stud pony.

Honey, I remember when I said I would never have my hair cut short again, it  looks like I am a liar because my hair right now may be 1/2  inch long. They also made up a mixture of graphite and grease which they liked to smear all over your head and face and also your chest. Well I was only in the shower about half an hour. Everything is O.K. now except my hair.

I keep thinking what you would say if  you could see me now.
All my love to you

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